Our Services

Experts in topographical assistance and geotechnical-structural monitoring, we are the ideal partner for companies moving the world with the construction of major works.

Topografia | Geosat srl


  • Assistance with the design of road and rail routes
  • Topographical site assistance
  • Creation of topographical networks using GPS systems
  • Topographical, polygonal and levelling surveys
  • Surveys of railways, roads, pipelines, canals, quarries, overhead lines and landfills
  • Tunnel tracing during work phases

Expert services

  • High-precision geodetic polygonals
  • Continuous monitoring of tunnels under construction
  • Gyroscopic measurements
  • Aerial surveys using drones
  • Laser Scanner surveys
  • BIM restorations
Prestazioni specialistiche | Geosat
assistenza progettazione | geosat

Design assistance

  • Graphic drawings supporting the Technical Office and the Accounting Department
  • Graphic drawings supporting the Technical Office and the Accounting Department
  • Platform hydraulic design
  • Hydraulic systems, water treatment and lifting systems
  • Fire-fighting design
  • Tunnel safety in accordance with Legislative Decree 264/06
  • Works accounting

State texts

  • Cadastral identification of the building
  • Visual surveys to collect qualitative data on the state of preservation of the property, with examination of the building’s load-bearing structure and floors
  • Geometric/architectural survey
  • Accurate survey of cracks
  • Photographic survey with attribution of certain date
  • Compilation of analysis sheets
  • Return of all documentation produced in the form of a sworn expert report
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monitoraggio | geosat

Geotechnical-structural monitoring

  • Topographical monitoring
  • Structural monitoring of buildings and structures
  • Geotechnical and hydrogeological monitoring
  • Preparation of monitoring plans
  • Technical assistance in the selection and sizing of the monitoring system
  • Installation and configuration of instrumentation and acquisition system
  • Data measurement, analysis, validation and management

For more than 10 years we have been providing topographical assistance and engineering services for large projects.